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Outdoor Features that Add Resale Value to Your Home

Whether you’re thinking of selling, or you’re happily settled where you are right now, it makes sense to make smart investments around your home. There are almost just as many opportunities to enhance your outdoor space as there are around the interior, and by adding a few modern features, you can improve your home’s liveability and boost its resale value. 


It’s no secret that potential buyers want to be able to imagine a lifestyle that encourages more time spent within Sydney’s beautiful nature. Consider these on-trend outdoor features for a stunning garden renovation. 

Retractable roof system

Adding a retractable roof system such as a pergola to your backyard actually maximises the amount of time you can spend out there. Pergolas provide protection from the weather, meaning families can stay outside even when it’s raining or the UV rating gets high. 


They’re also energy efficient, providing insulation that keeps homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This lowers bills while keeping your carbon footprint down – two advantages that are high on the wish-list of many buyers today. 

Outdoor lounge area

Extend the space in your home by creating a little sanctuary in the sunshine, where your family can relax during lazy afternoons and mild evenings. You can create an outdoor lounge area with just a couple of simple additions, such as a couch and a TV. 


Consider cushioned seating for the comfortable way to read a book under the sun, and lighting to provide a relaxing ambience when the evenings set in.

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are renowned for the attractive return on investment they offer. Perfect for entertainers, gatherings and parties become a little more streamlined – not to mention sociable – when you don’t need to run inside to cook the food.  


Building an outdoor kitchen also means building more opportunities to spend time outdoors – something that is beneficial for health and wellness. When you’re already blessed with great weather in New South Wales, doesn’t it make sense to make the most of it?  

Water features

When a swimming pool isn’t realistic, you could consider adding other outdoor water features such as a lake, fountain or waterfall. Water features create a tranquil feel in a garden, giving it some relaxing holiday vibes. Listening to the trickle of the water is a great way to de-stress after a busy day. 

Outdoor fire pit

A fire pit looks attractive, and affords more use of your outdoor space, even during those colder months. A perfect focal feature, families can spend quality time drinking wine and roasting marshmallows around the pit. Most fire pits are low-maintenance, and predictions suggest you will recoup the money (or make more) when you do eventually sell your property.

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