Millennium Folding Arm Awning From Oztech

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Millennium Folding Arm Awnings 

The MILLENNIUM folding arm awning is a low profile full cassette awning which incorporates advanced German engineering. The fully enclosed cassette design provides optimal protection for the system while providing an aesthetic appearance to match in with the surroundings of modern architecture. 


The low profile of this awning makes it stand out from other cassette awnings in a class of its own, with a premium system that meets the highest quality demands. MILLENNIUM is based on a self-supporting full cassette that sits flush with the wall and extends over your patio and garden by up to a generous 7 metres in width. Choose your favourite colour from a host of awning fabrics and frames – and achieve your desired look with maximum comfort for your outdoor area.


For durability, elegance and easy operation, the MILLENNIUM folding arm awning brings all this plus the latest in outdoor shade technology. Suitable for patios and balconies of any size, you’ll love the versatility of this product.

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What you need to know about the Millennium Folding Arm Awning



With a height of just 170 mm and a depth of 249 mm (when the cassette is closed), the MILLENNIUM boasts an extremely compact design. The full cassette, which is closed on all sides, reliably protects the awning against soiling and the effects of the weather.

Stainless Steel Screws - Oztech


Fully closed cassette casing that is designed to be self-supporting. Front profile with integral rain gutter to prevent build-up of water. Rust-free pins, Teflon-coated bearings, stainless steel screws.

Millennium Folding Arm Awning System | OZTECH


For even greater comfort and convenience, you can equip your Millenium retractable awnings with a range of optional extras, including remote control operation and weather sensors.

Family Kompakt Folding Arm Awning System - Oztech


Adjustable brackets are available depending on your site requirements.