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Folding Arm Awnings

A retractable awning is like having air conditioning in your backyard – with studies showing it can be up to 20 degrees cooler under your awning. Plus, with an SPF rating of over 50, awnings block 99% of harmful UV rays and are actually recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UVA and UVB ray protectant.

That means you can extend your outdoor living space while maximising comfort for your family, guests or customers thanks to protection against the elements. 

What’s more, simply installing a retractable arm awning can help block UV rays before they penetrate your home – to prevent fading of indoor rugs, curtains and other furniture.


Premium folding arm awnings designed around you

At OZTECH, we’re one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors of retractable awnings and other outdoor shade systems, offering high-quality products to residential and commercial clients across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  All of our materials are top-of-the-range and our systems are engineered to leading European standards. 

Our range of outdoor shade systems can be customised to suit the needs of your site – and we pride ourselves on the range of colours and materials available to our customers. Whatever the size of your site, and whatever customisable extras you require, the OZTECH team will deliver beyond your expectations.

Browse Our Range From OZTECH

folding arm awning in for a residential home in Sydney

Millennium Folding Awning

Advanced German engineering goes into the Millennium system - a full cassette awning that’s designed to fit in with modern architecture. This self-supporting full cassette sits flush with the wall and extends over your garden by up to 7m in width.

Type - Full cassette system with a very low profile

Material- Waterproof fabric available in a range of colours


folding arm awning in sydeny from oztech for a patio space

Family Kompakt Folding Awning

An elegant folding arm awning solution with excellent technical features. Count on the Family Kompakt for superior quality, ease of operation and high value retention. Easily inject a holiday atmosphere to the home.

Type - Cassette and semi-cassette forms available

System details- Front profile with integral rain gutter


folding arm awning in sydeny from oztech for a commercial patio space

Family Basic Folding Awning

The Family Basic adds a subtle hint of fashion, with a designer front profile that creates a classic garden image. This series classic uses the best technology for ease of operation and maximum use of your outdoor spaces.

Type - Semi-cassette model

Colour options- Dulux powder coat colours for the frame - white or custom colours available


material folding arm awning above commercial store entrance

Titan Flex Folding Awning

The super economical Titan awnings series comes with user-adjustable pitch control, setting the standard in durability, function and design. The rain hood and fabric tray provides extra protection against the elements.

Key feature - Angle can be adjusted by the user

Fabric & colours- Over 40 colour options to complement any home