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6 Reasons to Choose a Retractable Roof System

Whether you need a retractable pergola or awnings to cover your patio, pool or backyard, or you’re looking for a flexible roof system for your business, there are so many benefits you might not even know about. 


We might be biased, but we think a retractable roof system is a no-brainer for almost any outdoor space in New South Wales! With so much natural beauty around us, why wouldn’t you want to spend more time outdoors? Here are just some advantages of installing a roof system for your home or business that can be simply rolled out as and when it’s needed. 

1. Versatility

Breathe some life into your back yard or garden. Whether you’re the leading host and you love to entertain, or you just want a beautiful chill-out space for your family, retractable awnings enhance the aesthetics of your garden and transform it into a more liveable space.  


With a variety of colour and style options such as the Titan Awnings Series, you can choose on-trend designs that suit your garden’s aesthetic. Added accessories such as screens keep you protected and comfortable, keeping pesky bugs and wind at bay.

A retractable pergola sets you apart from the competition. It offers a variety of exciting branding opportunities, so you can seamlessly blend your shade system with your existing decor, add your logo and colour scheme, and accentuate what your brand is all about.

2. Convenience

Retractable roof systems – especially those fitted with sun and wind sensors – bring a new type of convenience to your lifestyle. Imagine not having to worry about your outdoor furniture getting wet with rain or faded by the sun – even when you’re not home. Pergolas can be automatically retracted when they sense certain weather conditions. 

3. Durability

Our range of shade systems is built to last. You can count on durable products that are low-maintenance, for a smart investment that will stay on-trend for years to come. 

4. Liveability

When you have the right shade and protection, you can spend more time outside. This simple pleasure is beneficial for your lifestyle and well-being, and extends your living space at home by transforming your back garden into a place you can relax in. 

5. Protection

The fabric on furniture in your garden can fade with too much sun exposure and can be damaged by rain, but a retractable roof system can guard and extend their lifespan. Keep your things, your customers and yourself protected from the elements. 

6. Value

Thanks to their ability to encourage more outdoor living, and make more use of available space, retractable pergolas and awnings can add value to your home. When it’s time to sell, you might find that you can raise the asking price. Many buyers are looking for an outdoor lifestyle; retractable roof systems offer this as well as improving your home’s energy efficiency – something that is known to boost home value. 

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With benefits for your home, business, lifestyle and wallet, it’s no wonder more people around New South Wales are turning to retractable shade systems. To speak to the experts at OZTECH, give us a call on 1300 552 516 or email and we’ll determine the right solution for your needs and budget. 

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