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How Does the Smart Louvre System Work?

Our SMART LOUVRE System is the beautiful solution when you want to create a natural flow from the inside to the out. Ideal for homes and businesses that want to control sun and shelter, pergolas with a louvered roof can be operated by the touch of a button. Simply close for rain, and leave open to allow in sunlight or increase ventilation. 


The system comes with aluminium louvers that can be turned and retracted as and when you wish. With 180 degree blade rotation, you can enjoy privacy as well as protection from the elements. Blades can be rotated either by hand or with a motor, for complete flexibility in your indoor-outdoor living space. 

The SMART LOUVRE comes with a flat roof, which looks clean and stylish whether the louvres are open or closed. 

Features & benefits of our louvered retractable roof system

Control over position of louvres

Users can enjoy the flexibility that comes with louvered roofs. Let in winter sun, block out harsh summer sun, and control the amount of light that comes in. Whatever the season – or time of day – the SMART LOUVRE means you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the weather. 


Our design provides great insulation, and gives you maximum control over ventilation and airflow. This, in turn, is more energy efficient and could help keep your bills lower. 

Made from aluminium

The SMART LOUVRE System is fitted with silicium alloy aluminium for protection against the elements and to extend its life. Rubber wicks ensure water and dust insulation, and thermal and sound insulation is achieved with Polyurethane injections.   

Designed with Australia in mind

Whether you need it for retail, hospitality, an education centre, or another commercial or domestic application, our retractable roof systems are designed with Australia in mind. With the materials to withstand harsh weather, and the flexibility to rotate louvres to combat unexpected and fast-changing conditions, the SMART LOUVRE is prepared for every eventuality.

Motorised operation

Our louvered roof comes with fully motorised remote control operation. Movement is elegant and streamlined, and can be triggered with the simple touch of a button. Bring a new type of flexibility and convenience to your life, in the knowledge that protection from the sun and rain can be rolled out quickly. 


Most of our systems can also be connected to a Somfy motor. So, even if you’re not around, they can be operated with sensors. As soon as the sensor notices a change in the weather – such as sudden wind, sun or rain – it will rotate the louvres in the most suitable way, to keep everyone underneath comfortable. 

Contact OZTECH

For more information about the popular louvered roof system, contact OZTECH on Our expert team will be able to discuss our range with you, and can arrange a consultation and custom quote for your home or business. Get in touch today for the comfortable outdoor living you’ve been dreaming about. 

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