The waiting room has a white table and many chairs, as well as a white shade roof from Oztech with a view of the ocean.


Oztech’s range of architectural retractable roof and pergola systems are suitable for use in any weather conditions and for a large range of

residential and commercial applications. Whether it’s a retractable roof for your backyard or deck that you’re looking for or a custom

roof system to meet the needs of a restaurant or commercial project there is an Oztech model to suit.


Graphic illustration of the earth connected to the electric plug.

Energy Savings

A Retractable Awning can even help cut your air conditioning costs.
Because by blocking the sun from walls and windows, your shade system helps keep the inside of your home cooler and prevents carpets and furniture from fading.
Consequently, by contributing to a reduction in your energy consumption, an awning can reduce your carbon footprint immensely.

Graphic illustration of the umbrella.

Outsmart the Weather

Don’t let the hot, glaring sun or light passing showers drive you from your deck or patio.
With a Retractable Awning, you control the weather and can continue to enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.
An Awning gives you shade and protection when you want it, but can be retracted when you want to enjoy the sun.
Installing an Awning can be the smartest investment you can make!!!


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Luxurious home with multiple lights bulbs hung in a retractable awning in Sydney in the evening view, with an oztech logo in white at the bottom.


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