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Benefits of Window Awnings for Your Home

The stylish and multi-functional solution for homes across New South Wales, window awnings are packed with benefits for both your home’s aesthetics and your wallet. OZTECH awnings and blinds are manufactured to withstand Australia’s dramatic weather, and with a range of powder-coated colours available – you’ll be spoilt for choice. 


When you’re considering external coverings for your windows, here’s why we think you should consider awnings. 

Improve your home’s energy efficiency

At the end of the day, we all want to keep bills down. Awnings actually improve your home’s energy efficiency; they keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which means you don’t need to fire up the heating or air conditioning as often. It’s kinder on your pocket, and kinder on the planet, too. 


Our awnings actually block up to 80% of solar energy, keeping your home comfortable even at the height of summer. 

Provide insulation from wind and noise

OZTECH window awnings can be tightly fitted to the window, keeping outside noise to a minimum, and preventing wind from entering the home. Fabric can be kept taut with added weights, in models such as the Genius Wire Guide & Drop. 

Protect your furniture

When the sun shines through your window, this can fade your rugs, couches, curtains and other furniture. Extend the life of your furniture with shade that can easily be rolled out, to keep colours fresh and ensure it lasts longer. 

Keeps your home cool in summer

Sydney’s sun can get strong, and when UV rays freely flow through your window, it can be uncomfortable. Instead of increasing the amount of time you use your air conditioner, install window awnings for a solid block against the sun. This simple upgrade to your home could save money on energy bills, making it a smart investment. 


Most homeowners are reluctant to make home improvements, unless they can be confident they won’t have to worry about extensive care and maintenance. Luckily, our window awnings don’t require much maintenance to continue functioning at their best. 


Depending on the type of awnings you purchase, the OZTECH team can advise on the best way to keep them clean. This is usually as simple as wiping your blinds with mild soapy water from time-to-time, to make sure dirt and grime doesn’t build up. If tough grime has accumulated, a soft brush should dislodge this.

They’re stylish

Window awnings are suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes, making them a stylish enhancement to all homes across Australia. You can enjoy flexibility in the design, with a range of materials, colours, and frames available to blend in with your existing decor.

Contact OZTECH

Keep your home comfortable and stylish with window awnings from OZTECH. To find out more about our range, or to request a custom quote, just reach out to our team on info@oztech.com or 1300 552 516. 

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