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Keep Customers Comfortable With a Retractable Pergola

Keep your customers comfortable with little extra effort on your part. Whether you run a hospitality or retail business, or you have an outdoor space that isn’t reaching its potential, a retractable pergola could be exactly what your business needs. 


When customers feel comfortable, they stay longer, recommend your business to their friends, and come back to visit again. By simply adding a retractable pergola to your outdoor space, you can make their time at your premises even more enjoyable. Discover why more Sydney businesses are making the smart investment with OZTECH. 

More versatility for your outdoor area

Installing a pergola outside effectively increases the square footage of your business. It also means that outdoor seating isn’t only a possibility throughout the warm months. With a retractable shade system, customers can stay comfortable even in winter – ensuring they’re warm and dry – so you can maximise your available space. 


Our pergolas can also be installed with LED light systems, so they can be used to illuminate your outdoor space at night. 

Protect customers from rain and extreme sun

Perhaps the most prominent benefit of a retractable pergola is the unparalleled protection from the elements it offers. Your customers want to sit outside without being blinded by the sun or getting wet from rain. 


Pergolas can provide shelter from the sun’s damaging UV rays, as well as from rainfall, so your guests can enjoy time with friends and family – without having to give a second thought to Sydney’s often unpredictable weather. 

More opportunities to enjoy the outdoors

Retractable pergolas give your business instant curb appeal. In our generally beautiful climate, the general public relish more opportunities to sit outside and enjoy the view, which is why they’re drawn to venues with an attractive outdoor space. 


Give them the chance to live an outdoor, relaxed lifestyle by bringing the protection of the indoors to your outside environment. 

Operate even when you’re not there

Did you know you can fit our retractable pergolas with sun and wind sensors? The perfect solution for any savvy business owner, you can feel confident that your customers are comfortable and protected, even when you’re not on-site. 


The shade system is automatically operated when the sensor detects rain or strong sun, rolling out the roof to keep customers (and furniture) dry. For peace-of-mind that your outdoor area is running smoothly even when you’re not around, choose motorised pergolas from OZTECH. 

Contact OZTECH

OZTECH is Australia’s leading suppliers of retractable awnings, pergolas and roof systems, with over 25 years in the industry. We strive to exceed clients’ expectations, and we can customise your retractable roof to suit your branding – to ensure you stand out as well as keep customers around. 


To speak to one of our experts, simply give us a call on 1300 552 516 or email We’d be happy to discuss your budget and requirements, to find the shade solution to suit your business. 

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