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A Closer Look at Pergola Cover Materials

Did you know that pergola customisation options are almost endless? From adding LED lights, to automation, to getting creative with an extra cover, you can achieve a truly unique look for your home or business. 


On their own, pergolas add protection and beauty to your backyard. If you’re looking for inspiration to cover your pergola in affordable ways, look no further than this guide from OZTECH. 

Live plants

Make nature the central point of your pergola, by using live plants on the cover, and planting trees nearby for a little extra shade. Plants such as vines can be trained to climb on pergolas but without proper training, they have a tendency to grow haphazardly. We recommend looking into ways to properly train your chosen plant for the best natural result. 


Remember that when trees and plants get stuck in the mechanisms of a retractable pergola, it can affect its functionality, so be sure to keep vegetation clear.


When you want to achieve a natural look but don’t want the responsibility that comes with live plants, cover your pergola with straw or bamboo. This is an affordable DIY method; simply tie the bamboo with string for understated shade all year round. 


The majority of pergolas at OZTECH are covered with fabric, for a simple and stylish finish that fits well into any decor. We can customise the colour of your fabric, to match your business’ branding or home colour scheme. 


If you live in a particularly hot area, you want to maximise airflow and allow a breeze underneath your pergola. Mesh is widely available at a low price, and is a super quick fix for making your garden more comfortable during summer. You can enjoy a wide choice in mesh colours, to create the impact you want. 


A sheet wood covering provides even more shade, making it suitable for areas where you need to block out harmful UV rays, such as hospitality businesses or children’s playgrounds. Thin wood sheets can be fitted tightly to the top, and also provide protection for the pergola from the rain or snow. 

What’s the best cover for a retractable pergola?

Retractable pergolas are designed to deal with the often unpredictable weather in New South Wales, and they need to be free of obstructions, so you can easily roll out and retract the roof as necessary. 


The range from OZTECH comes with fabric covers and aluminium louvres, which are built to provide complete protection and longevity. Our team will be able to advise on the best cover for your requirements, to ensure you achieve the look and function you want from your retractable roof system. 

Contact OZTECH

For more information about our retractable pergolas and advice about cover materials, get in touch with the OZTECH team. We’re Australia’s largest manufacturer of retractable awnings and pergolas, with the experience to help you determine the most effective solution. Give us a call on 1300 552 516. 

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