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How Weather Sensors Work on Retractable Pergolas

Enjoy the beauty and functionality of your retractable pergola in all weather conditions. Our range of pergolas was designed to create the link between nature and indoor living, so you can extend the use of space in your home or business. 


To bring an added element of protection and convenience, many of our pergolas can be fitted with sun and wind sensors. Choosing high-tech weather sensors for your retractable shade system enhances its performance – but how do they work, and why are they so popular in properties around New South Wales? 

The benefits of weather sensors for shade systems 

Our waterproof retractable pergolas allow for maximum protection at the touch of a button. Choose weather sensor functionality or remote control motorisation for benefits such as: 


  • Comfortable outdoor living in any weather condition 
  • Automatic opening and closing of the roof 
  • No need to rush home when it starts raining – your outdoor furniture is automatically protected 
  • Save money on energy bills 
  • Peace-of-mind that your guests are sheltered, even when you’re not there 

How do the sensors work?

Smart devices and automation technology are fast becoming a must-have in modern Sydney properties. When you have a busy lifestyle but want to make comfort a priority, retractable outdoor shade systems offer a simple enhancement that could add value to your home or business. 


But how do they work? In short, weather sensing technology is connected to the motor of the pergola. An automated response is triggered when something happens – for example, it starts to rain or gets too bright – and this causes the shading system to automatically roll out and provide protection for the outdoor space. 


Most weather sensors are wired to respond to changes in outdoor conditions, so they open or close based on the weather, with a view to keeping an area cool, dry and comfortable. That means that, even if there’s an unexpected downpour of rain and you’re not home, the roof will open just in time to protect your garden or patio. 

Customising pergolas to your property

At OZTECH, we can tailor your weather sensor system based on your preferences. Our team is able to install weather sensors into existing pergolas, or alongside your new pergola, for superior protection. 


The Muse Retractable Pergola System, for example, delivers a smooth and quick operation, and can be coupled with a remote dimming option so you can add a warm ambience to your workplace even when you’re not around. Talk to our team about your preferences, and we’ll ensure we create the right amount of protection from the sun, wind and rain.

Contact OZTECH

If you’re thinking about adding some smart automation to the pergolas around your home or business, get in touch with OZTECH. We’ll be able to build the solution that fits your decor and requirements, for the convenience and performance your busy lifestyle needs. 


To get started with a free consultation and custom quote, call the office on 1300 552 516 or email info@oztech.com. 

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