Guide to Purchasing the Right Pergola for Your Property

You already know you want to extend your living space in your home, or provide a beautiful outdoor setting for your customers. But maybe you’re not sure where to start? A pergola provides protection from the elements, temperature control, and helps to keep your energy costs low – all while looking visually appealing. 


So, the next step would be to help you choose the right pergola for your domestic or commercial property. To guide you along, we at OZTECH have covered the essentials such as choosing the material, the style and colour, and any additional extras for the complete solution.


Our most popular type of covering is made of fabric. They look simple and sleek, but are packed with benefits such as fire-resistant and waterproof properties. To check out some examples of fabric pergolas, see the MUSE and TERA. 


Aluminium pergolas, such as our SMART LOUVRE system, are lightweight and suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Aluminum can stand up to the elements, and the louvre system means users can easily turn and retract the roof to control sunlight and airflow underneath the pergola. This style is elegant and suitable for all architectural structures.

Choosing the style and colour

This is where you can enjoy some customisation, and can put your stamp on your pergola. If you’re shopping for a commercial solution, choose your brand’s colours, and for the home, we have the perfect shade to blend with your existing furniture and decor. 


There are a number of different styles to choose from, and we’ve listed some of our popular ones below: 


  • Retractable pergola – for added flexibility, open and close your pergola as necessary, and depending on weather conditions. 
  • Fixed shade canopy – a fixed canopy can enhance the liveability of your outdoor space, and can still let in a certain amount of light. 
  • Curved roof – a curved roof looks ultra modern and spacious – see the HARBOUR for an example. 
  • Flat roof – suitable for the home, business and around your outdoor pool -see the IZI for an example of a flat roof system. 


If you need any further information about these styles, just reach out to our team. We’re there to help. 

Added features

There are a range of features you can add to your pergola, to ensure it functions just how you want it to. 


Some additions you might want to consider include: 


  • LED lighting 
  • Remote control operation 
  • Sun and wind sensors 
  • Dimmer lighting 

Contact OZTECH

We’d love to talk you through our range in more detail, to help you plan the perfect pergola for your home or business. Give OZTECH a call on 1300 552 516 or email to chat to an advisor.

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