The Novotel is perched right on North Beach – Wollongong that close you are breathing beautiful Pacific Ocean air with extensive views of the beautiful coastline. The Novotel has a stretch of Conference/Function Rooms alongside a huge deck that used to be a tennis court. The deck area was used for conferences, weddings and other functions BUT WHAT HAPPENED WHEN IT RAINED – CANCELLED WEDDING – UNHAPPY BRIDE – LOST REVENUE. Our client needed to make his function area water proof and shelter from the sun – heat. The Novotel owner (Very Handsome Gentleman) needed our advice along with his requirements. The Novotel owner wanted to span 26 meters x 15 meters without a post in the middle…How?

Our Outcome

We suggested our OZTECH HALO – PLAZA All Weather Retractable Roof System and we engineered a self supporting truss to run down the centre of the 26 meter system hence no posts required in the centre/middle of the OZTECH HALO – PLAZA All Weather Retractable Roof System. Having post would be a hazard for guests and hotel staff. We incorporated OZTECH LED LIGHTING a very vibrant mood setting lighting system.
The Novotel now has the largest free-standing Oztech System in Australia with the press of a button on the Oztech remote control you can have a completely open area to a completely sealed roof.

After installation

Having been there at the end of the Oztech installation the Novotel function sales team were bringing out potential wedding goers and corporate conference clients and they were delighted with the area well knowing that no matter what the weather does there function will go on. WHAT HAPPENED WHEN IT RAINED – WEDDING MOVES ON – HAPPY BRIDE – INCREASED REVENUE – HAPPY (HANDSOM) NOVOTEL OWNER.

Owner, Management and staff comments

Owner, Management and staff commentsOwner was overwhelmed that he could seat 400 guests in any weather conditions within a few weddings and corporate conferences the OZTECH would have paid for itself. Sales staff said the OZTECH system being there made it an easy to sell any function. We have now done 5 other venues for the owner and he thinks the Oztech is the best investment for any alfresco area with its architectural design and function

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