The Bella Vista Hotel is an award winning event precinct accommodating a flourishing bistro that boasts a beautiful outdoor venue featuring OZTECH’s retractable roof system. From what was once an ordinary pub carpark in the remote regions of North-Western Sydney, through outdoor renovation, it has now transformed into a major local attraction.

The product installed for this project is the freestanding HALO plus retractable roof system which is characterized by a curved rafter that gives the fabric profile not only an increased top space but also an architectural edge. The rafter radius for this project was customized, an option offered by OZTECH to meet the client’s special requirements. The system offers a wind rating up to Beaufort Class 11 (117km/h) and is designed to stand up to the worst conditions of rain, hail or shine.

For this site, the system extends over a 40m width with a 10m protrusion providing guests with adequate outdoor dining space free from the effects of weather. The client had also included OZTECH’s Genius Drop Awning Systems allowing for the partitioning of space to cater for the particular function layouts that the Hotel may require. To adapt to the situation, OZTECH also utilised the pre-existing C-Bus automation system of the hotel and connected it to the products to enable control of all system modules from a single source.

OZTECH serves to refurnish the outdoor environment of Australia to create an efficient and inviting space for its users. The impact of OZTECH’s products have been directly felt through the commercial prosperities that it has brought to its clients.