OZTECH Folding Arm Awning

OZTECH Australia

OZTech is the largest manufacturer and distributor of retractable pergolas, retractable roof, retractable awning and folding arm awning systems in Australia. With an extensive network of hundreds dealers throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have retailers nation wide so a professional installer is contactable via phone or email.

All of our systems are designed and tested in Europe with state of the art sun control solutions for both commercial and domestic installations. Our diverse range of retractable pergola, retractable roof, retractable awning and folding arm awning systems means that there is definitely a system corresponding to your demands and budget.
If you wish to get more information about the OZTECH range of retractable pergola, retractable roof, retractable awning and folding arm awning systems please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help.

We are located in Sydney, our team manufacture and assemble each product from start to finish for each order. The business has a range of skilled staff from machinists to trades staff to ensure our commitment can be met. We work with state of the art machinery to offer a complete in-house service, from the stitching of the fabric through to the programming of the motors and packaging of the products.

History of OZTECH

For more than 25 years, construction has offered a wide range of awnings, and pergola systems in Sydney and many other cities of Australia and around the world. We strive to maintain the highest standards, while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. We not only honour commitments, but are known for meeting tough deadlines while delivering nothing but premium quality. We aim to create a responsive client relationship that allows us to meet and even exceed the goals of each of our projects.

We're investing in our networks. In our staff. And in sustainability. At Oztech, we’re invested in giving Australians choice and keeping you connected.

OZTECH is well known for its innovation and by collaborating successfully with our customers, designers, sub-contractors, consultants as well as suppliers; we have been able to provide more specialized level of services. We are continuously evolving and understand the different aspects of delivering high value construction and complex projects with ease.

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