Folding Arm Awning – OZTECH

OZTECH which makes awnings for upmarket businesses and homes has announced its latest product, and has launched the latest addition to its portfolio, which is an exclusive offering to AU market.

The Family Kompakt C and Millennium are universal, full-cassette, folding-arm awnings designed for terrace, balcony and patio spaces which it says is ideal for commercial, hospitality and residential projects.

An ultra-modern, weather-sealed cassette, Family Kompakt C and Millennium boasts an elegant and superior design, which can be tailored and manufactured to suit any colour scheme, including patterns and branding for commercial clients.

The product is designed to provide a flexible and reliable solution for different outdoor spaces and can be supplied with the company’s own embedded LED lighting strips.

Having only launched to the AU market, OZTECH has already manufactured, supplied and installed Family Kompakt C and Millennium: a number of projects; Commercial café, and residential purposes

“For the domestic installation, a key part of the brief was to provide an awning solution that aesthetically matched the strong architectural look of the property, while also being practical and reliable enough to complete the outdoor entertaining space, enabling the homeowner to make better use of their patio, decking or garden.

“For the commercial installation, we needed to make a strong impact which would be consistent with the rest of the building, as well as looking smart and attractive to passers-by. The quality and durability will help the awning withstand the fumes of the city centre location, keeping it looking good and in perfect working condition for many years to come.”