NSW need awning: Western Sydney building plan to combat heatwaves

Combat heatwaves

It seems that long summer is going to be finalized and give a number of lessons to us. According to the Daily Telegraph, the gap between sydney and western sydney of temperature is up to 14 degrees higher, which means that western sydney residents have gone through one of the worst heat waves. For the residents, it also said "Scientists will investigate installing awnings that sense when it’s hot and automatically roll out. They will also feature solar panels to power airconditioners." As time goes by, the needs of awning is going to be increased, and the other summer is coming. Before it arrives, you need to prepare it now.

Not only for residents, but also small commercial needs to install awning to protect and secure customers. By setting out genius products, a nubmer of cafe have a beneficial when they turn on air-condition. Now it is time to prepare next summer with OZTECH retractable awning and pergola.

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