The Awning for Sailing club

Location: Port Macquarie


More and more sailing club are trying to install retractable awning or pergola on their harbor. If you are one of them, OZTECH Awning will be suitable for you. By setting up awning, our sailors or custoemers are able to enjoy the beauty of harbor and Whether it was soaking up the sun at the beach, by the pool or at a local park, enjoyed the company of friends and family with a snag, a quiet drink, maybe some backyard cricket but relaxing and not having to work. If you are in Port Port Macquarie, try to visit CRONULLA SAILING CLUB, you can see our products.
Cronulla Sailing Club has oztech awning
OZTECH Awning Cronulla Sailing Club
OZTECH Awning Cronulla Sailing Club in Port macquarie

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