BBQ Restaurant awning

Project name: BBQ retractable awning, Bankstown

What our clients need!!

  1. He wants to use the balcony space for business purposes, put more tables for his guests.
  2. The owner want customers enjoy their meal without concerning of weather condition (raining, wind)
  3. The space is too large for small awning company, the owner wants us as we are professional

What we offered

  1. When we visited to get a quote, the balcony was spacious, but it is not good idea to have a meal there, because of heavy wind. However, as the view is quite nice, it will be great if we have a chance.
  2. Therefore we offered our retractable roof system
  3. Working with the owners and our agent/installer there was a need to seat more customers for meals and drinks with a waterproof and retractable roof solution.The obvious choice was the Oztech Tera Retractable Sunroof with a integrated extruded structural gutter to disperse the water. We used integrated LED lighting which comes optional with our retractable roof.
Genius Window Drop Awning

After installation

  1. The TERA retractable pergola system provides the user with a designer outdoor covering to allow outdoor areas to be used all year round. The system offers a wind rating up to Beaufort class 11 (up to 117km/h) and is designed to stand up to even the worst of conditions rain, hail or shine.
  2. Remote controlled motorisation is provided by utilising European technology through a custom built direct drive motor system to ensure smooth and quick operation at 34RPM. The optional hi powered LED-TEC lighting system provides a practical touch of class and when coupled with a remote dimming controller allows the user to change the mood to suit the surrounding environment.
  3. Finally, our customer is very happy about it and he has been able to boost up his business.

"One of the finest design awning company I have ever had,"

Declan McRae


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