Welcome to OZTech-Roll Screens Australia

Enjoy the fresh air and keep insects out without compromising the interior. The award-winning Tech-Roll Screens have been developed with new technology, the Tech-Roll System, enhancing both the function and physical appearance of your existing windows and doors. Made and manufactured in Australia, our products are convenient, highly efficient and designed to be invisible when retro fitted to existing windows and doors. Suitable for most styles of windows and doors, Tech-Roll Screens will complement your French, Bi-Fold, Sliding, Stacker doors and all types of windows.

Stylish Design Attractive, Wind Resistant

Four sides of the mesh have been sewn with PVC film and the insides of the film run along the tracks. Thus mesh will not derail from track even in strong winds. All parts are made from non-corrosive materials so the product can be installed to building exteriors without any problems. The product has been installed with an oil-decelerator and a gear-decelerator to prevent the handle from hitting the cassette when rewinding. Also the tension in spring can be easily adjusted by turning the screw attached to cassette.

Easy to Operate and Versatile

You can easily lock the screen by pressing the “Push” button. The product boasts a simple and neat design, which allows you to adjust the screen and stop it from rolling at any point. It is designed to fit almost any openings including internal reveals and faces and external surfaces of windows.

Quick and Easy Installation

Every product is equipped with double-sided tape for a quick and easy installation. It allows you to check whether the product has been correctly set up before installing it with screws.

Cassette Info

Composition of Tech-Roll

Tech-Roll is classified into Cassette (Housing) and Rail (Tracks). The screen is stored inside of the cassette and is made to operate by sliding on rails.

Cassette Dimensions

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • Rail Dimension
  • A
  • 37
  • 40
  • 45
  • 53
  • 63
  • 16
  • B
  • 45
  • 48
  • 50
  • 60
  • 68
  • 30

Cassette sizes against length of screen

  • Extra Small (45mm)
  • Small (48mm)
  • Medium (50mm)
  • Large (60mm)
  • Extra Large (68mm)
  • up to 650mm
  • up to 1000mm
  • up to 1300mm
  • up to 2150mm
  • up to 3000mm

Handle Function

Tech-Roll Screens feature the unique “Touch Button” system.
The only touch system in Australia.


Buttons are designed at both sides of left and right corner of a latch can open from inside and outside locking and unlocking are available. Power Button Dimensions Width : 11mm / Height : 20mm


Buttons are designed at both sides of left and right corner of a latch. Open from inside only.
Locking and unlocking are available. Recommended for awning windows

System Button Dimensions
Width : 11mm / Height : 20mm

Flyscreen Mesh Facts & Data

Tech-Roll Screen’s flywires are fiberglass mesh and is specially derived from New York Wires (USA).
The material is non-corrosive and is classified as general screens or fines screens.
Three types of flywires are available with Tech-Roll Screens. Standard Black mesh, Grey mesh, and Black “Striped mesh”.
These styles of flywires are available for consumer’s choice.


Cassette Height 100mm – 2200mm
Maximum Single Width 3200mm

Cassette Height 2300mm or Over
Maximum Single Width 2200mm


Cassette Height 100mm – 2200mm
Maximum Single Width 3200mm
(Striped Horizontally)
Cassette Height 2300mm or Over(Striped Vertically)
Maximum Single Width 2200mm


Cassette Height 100mm – 2600mm
Maximum Single Width 3200mm

Castte Height Over 2600mm
Maximum Single Width 2600mm

Fly-wire data is based on width of the roll the fibreglass mesh comes in. Technically the product ‘Roll-Away’ and ‘Roll-Up’ can be bigger and wider using wider rolls of mesh (extra price incurred)

How to Measure

Reveal Fit

Measure the calibre of left and right sides of the frame and the calibre in the middle of these sides. Note the smallest measurement.

Likewise, measure the calibres of top and bottom sides of the frame and calibre in the middles of these sides. Note the smallest measurement.

Face Fit

For Roll-Up screens
1. Make the measurement as you would to a reveal fitting.
2. Depending on the height, add the cassette size(s) and the rail size of 60mm.

For Example: The reveal measurement for a Roll-Up door was height: 2000mm and width 900mm. To face fit, The measurment should be recorded as height : 2060mm X width 960mm











Important Notes

OZTech-Roll Screen should be installed on square and flat surfaces. If a frame is not square then you need to make arrangements to fill the gap before you commence installation of the screen.

Installation Guide

Place the cassette to the fitting and fix cassette to the surface. The use of Silicone, bolts, or double sided tape is the choice of the installer.
Once the cassette has been fixed and fitted into the window/door frame, pull the screen slightly and gently place the guide (attached to both sides of the handle) to the rail’s groove. Then push it into the cassette’s grooves affixing it into its position. If you push the rail in with too much force, the PVC film at the back of the mesh may become creased and hinder the screen’s operation.
Install the rail on each sides.
Pull the screen tight to the end and check whether the screen is operating smoothly. If the rolling speed is too strong or too weak, adjust the tension in the spring by turning the plastic screw at the right side of the cassette. Turn clockwise for stronger tension and anti-clockwise for weaker tension
For a smoother operation, spraying the rail grooves with silicon spray.
Finally insert screws and bolts in designated places.

Checklist for malfunction

  1. Check whether there is enough space by moving the screen to its full width (from left to right) and to its full height (top to bottom). Distance between the two rail should be the same as the length of the cassette.
  2. Check whether both rails are in upright position.
  3. Check the PVC film attached to the back of the handle is bent or creased.
  4. Spray silicone spray (Do not use WD40) along both guides of the rail.