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To efficiently cool a room, you should control the amount of sunlight that shines through your windows, because most windows trap heat inside.. Our blinds block the light, offering shade to the interior of your home and keeping it cool.

In addition to blocking heat and helping reduce your utility bill, and other window treatments offer a great way to increase the privacy of your home. Our custom blinds are made to fit the size and shape of any window to provide homeowners with privacy both during the day and at night. Open, close, or leave your blinds partially open to give you the level of privacy you desire in your Los Angeles home.

Who we are

Oztech has been installing outdoor blinds  in homes and businesses in Australia for more than 10 years with a  dedication and commitment to excellence. Our trusted staff and experienced technicians work with our clients to help them find the best window treatments solution to provide shade and privacy for their home, business or facility. Being a family-run business, we offer unparalleled customer service, because we maintain strict control of every aspect of our operation. We trust our team of professionals at every level, from management and sales to our installation team.

Our large showroom in Sydney, allows our clients to see the wide selection and high quality of our products in person. We recognize that many clients enjoy viewing quality blinds options in person. Our showroom is open to to anyone that wants to see our products and materials in person and review all of the various window treatment customization options. At our showroom, inquiring clients can interact with our product and ask all the important questions about their function. Customers can try out the various automatic blinds we offer, as well as gain a first-hand sense of the materials’ texture or appearance.

Outdoor Blinds block 96% of UV light to assist in cooling your home as well as protecting your interior furnishings from sun fade.

  • Reduces heat loss/gain by insulating windows
  • Ideal for hot and sunny areas
  • Fittings included
  • Available in various color

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