Genius Zip System

GENIUS Zip System

The GENIUS Zip system has the highest fabric tension and durability in the Genius series. The zippers, which are welded onto
the fabric, is integrated into the side channels to ensure that the fabric does not slip out of the channel.
Squaring of the GENIUS system without the use of other profiles is possible using the double side channel. All operating systems, including manual, spring or motor operation are available for the GENIUS Zip.

Genius ChannelZIP

Standard Headbox size is 100×100㎜
Systems within 4.8m wide are recommended
Systems over 4.0 wide will be supplied in 125 x 125㎜ headbox
Systems with drop over 3.0m(2.75m for acrylic fabric) will be supplied in 125×125㎜ headbox
When ordering multiple systems, please specify headbox sizes to match multiple Channel Systems