Genius Channel

GENIUS Channel Guide

The Australian designed and manufactured GENIUS range of straight drop awnings has the characteristics required to enhance your outdoor living areas.
The Genius Channel Awning enables you to completely seal off a desired area using our unique “inter-Locking Tape Design” This is the perfect solution for all applications. The bottom rail can have weight added to assist in keeping the fabric taut.

A simple Locking Pin can be used to lock the bottom rail and tension the fabric at the lower limit The GENIUS Channel Guide enables you to set multiple limit positions depending upon the current weather conditions. The fabric can be tensioned at any of these limits using the simple locking pin. Both GENIUS Systems are available as Manual or Motorized operation.



Genius Channel Guide & Guide +
Profiles are all High Grade Aluminum (AL 6063)
Head Box Size 100 X 100㎜ or 125 X 125㎜
Side Channel Size 60 X 32㎜
Wall and ceiling mount brackets are available
Bottom rail Plastic caps are UV stabilized
Marine grade stainless steel