GENIUS Autolock

The Australian designed and manufactured GENIUS range of Straight Drop Awnings has the characteristics required to enhance your outdoor living areas.
As the fabric is set deep within the side profiles, there is little to no risk of the fabric slipping out of the channels. The GENIUS AutoLock function is able to be locked without the pin, by use of the hook profile.

The fabric maintains its tension in heavy winds and the GENIUS System is easy to use. Furthermore, the GENIUS System can be effortlessly integrated into other existing structures.

Standard Headbox size is 100×100㎜
Systems within 4.8m wide are recommended
Systems over 4.0 wide will be supplied in 125 x 125㎜ headbox Systems with drop over
3.0m(2.75m for acrylic fabric) will be supplied in 125×125㎜ headbox
When ordering multiple systems, please specifi headbox sizes to match
Side Channel Size 80 X 32 ㎜